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The Oratorio anthologies

With the recent publication of its tenor anthology, the Mélodie Treasury's set of Oratorio anthologies is now complete. All the anthologies have also recently been expanded. If anyone who bought the earlier editions would like a PDF of the added items, please email.

For any singer working in the classical tradition, the oratorio repertoire offers a wonderful resource; rich in variety and demanding in style, but above all a repertoire offering a superb vehicle for developing and furthering technique. The Mélodie Treasury Oratorio anthologies are thoroughly researched and offer material for young singers as well as experienced professional singers. They are a treasure trove of repertoire for teachers.

The anthologies are beautifully presented and clear to read. Most of the oratorio extracts listed on the syllabuses of public examination boards will be found here. Sadly many have become difficult to source in a convenient collection. Care has been taken to ensure that the reductions are stylistically appropriate. Wherever an aria was composed with a preceding recitative this has also been included.

These editions of the anthologies are identical to those available on global platforms, but cheaper.

These volumes are Perfect Bound
Each volume costs £19.95
plus P&P.

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The anthologies are also available direct from the printers in coiled bound versions, which open flat. Priced at £22.95. Please search carefully on the Lulu website: www.lulu.com, or email for links.