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Paladilhe (1844-1926)

Je suis jaloux, Psyché, de toute la nature!
Les rayons du soleil vous baisent trop souvent,
Vos cheveux souffrent trop les caresses du vent,
Quand il les flatte,  j’en  murmure!
L’air même que vous respirez
Avec trop de plaisir passe sur votre bouche.
Votre habit de trop près vous touche!
Et sitôt que vous soupirez
Je ne sais quoi qui m’effarouche
Craint, parmi vos soupirs, des soupirs égarés!

Pierre Corneille



I am jealous, Psyche, of all nature!
The sun's rays kiss you too often,
your hair suffers too much from the wind's caresses.
As it strokes them, I grumble!
Even the air that you breathe
passes over your mouth with too much pleasure.
Your dress touches you too closely!
And as soon as you sigh
I know not what it is that startles me so
and fears, amidst your sighs, some sighs for another!

© translated by Christopher Goldsack

This translation is offered for study purposes. If seeking to use it for concert programmes please do let me know, and if for commercial purposes please consider making a small donation towards the upkeep of the site.

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