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Le charme

Chausson (1879)

Quand ton sourire me surprit,
Je sentis frémir tout mon être;
Mais ce qui domptait mon esprit,
Je ne pus d'abord le connaître.

Quand ton regard tomba sur moi,
Je sentis mon âme se fondre;
Mais ce que serait cet émoi,
Je ne pus d'abord en répondre.

Ce qui me vainquit à jamais,
Ce fut un plus douloureux charme,
Et je n'ai su que je t'aimais
Qu'en voyant ta première larme!

Armand Silvestre



When your smile caught me unawares,
I felt my whole being shiver;
but what was taming my spirit,
I did not at first know.

When your gaze fell on me,
I felt my soul melt;
but what this emotion was
I could not at first tell.

That which conquered me for ever
was a more sorrowful charm,
and I only knew that I loved you
upon seeing your first tear!

© translated by Christopher Goldsack

This translation is offered for study purposes. If seeking to use it for concert programmes please do let me know, and if for commercial purposes please consider making a small donation towards the upkeep of the site.

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